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Information and Booking :

Email : alexis.schaeffer@wanadoo.fr - Tél. : 0033 (0) 6 14 03 22 49

Conditions "Snow Panthers"

 The SNC FRANMIC organises, on the area developed for skiing at la Plagne, skidoo trips, under the following conditions.

Clause 1 : Security

The tour takes place outside of ski hours and follows circuits defined in advance, in agreement with all the Station Societies.Qualified guides and employees of the Society will accompany and supervise those rides at all times. Under no circumstance will clients renting skidoos go to the ski area alone.For security reasons, SNC FRANMIC retains the right to refuse to rent a skidoo to someone whom they decide is unable to drive the skidoo competently.General and security instructions will be given by the person in charge at the beginning of the activity.In order to participate in the skidoo activity, you must fulfil the physical and moral requirements necessary and not suffer from any of the following medical conditions: history of back problems, fracture, sprain, pregnancy or eye problems that affect your ability to drive safely. SNC FRNMIC won’t be held responsible for any accidents that occur during the use of the skidoo if the conditions described in the following clauses are not respected and adhered to or if one or any of the participants panic during the activity.

Clause 2 : Driver and passenger commitments

Pilot and passengers are fully responsible for their behaviour.

Pilot and passengers must scrupulously follow the guide’s instructions.

The Pilot must not be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The Pilot must exclusively follow the guide’s tracks and not slalom.

The Pilot must never overtake other parties and must remain a  distance of 10 m from the machine in front of him.

The helmet is compulsory and must be worn at all times.

The pilot must be over 18 years of age and be the holder of a current driving licence (car).

The passenger must be over 12 years of age.

Clause 3 : Commitment-behaviour

Before each departure, all clients will be instructed about required behaviour and security.

The pilot must be respectful at all times to other parties that we may meet during the ride.

Failure to follow instructions will result in the guide immediately reprimanding the pilot(s) and passenger(s) and we reserve the right, if necessary, to cancel and bring the pilot(s) and passenger(s) back to the departure point without any compensation or refund.   Client(s) acknowledge taking a machine that is working perfectly.

The client(s) is responsible for his/her machine, during the ride, and if an accident occurs due to a failure to follow any of  the above requirements or the instructions of the guide, any material damage to the skidoo will be paid for by the user(s).

SNC FRANMIC will claim from the user the full amount of cost for any damage done.

In the event of an accident resulting in any damage to the skidoo the user(s) will have to pay the following charges immediately (prices shown include tax) :

Windscreen: 123 €      hood: 832 €                 front headlight: 178 €     back headlight: 26 €

Front bumper: 153 €    back bumper: 68 €      sledge runner: 215 €      side panel : 202 €

Mud guard: 37 €         pilot saddle: 262 €        belt: 163 €                     

Clause 4 : Insurance

SNC FRANMIC acknowledges having subscribed to an insurance contract with AZUR Assurances Compagnie concerning the following risks :

- civil responsibility/ Defence appeal, theft, fire,

- owner civil responsibility: society manager, renting skidoo,

A Pilot is covered by our insurance if SNC FRANMIC recognise that they have adhered to all the terms and conditions in this contract.  SNC FRANMIC will not accept liability where accident or injury occurs due to pilot negligence.  Passengers are insured at all times.

SNC FRANMIC subscribed to an insurance contract as part of the law on 16 juillet 1984 establishing an obligatory insurance: Civil Responsibility fully covering damages to the passenger.

In case of contesting those rules, the relevant Courthouse will be that of the registered office.

Clause 5 : payment/cancellation

The full amount will be required at the time of the booking.

Once booked, the received ticket will not be refunded or exchanged. It is only valid at the date and time indicated on the ticket. In case of bad weather, we are sole judge of whether it is safe to proceed and if necessary may put the activity off until other time. Only bookings on Friday will be refundable if we have to cancel the activity.

Delayed or put back rides won’t be liable to claims for a refund or compensation from SNC FRANMIC

Society, except if due to force majeure.

General conditions of sale for societies, groups or seminars:

A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking and the balance is then due on the day of arrival in resort unless otherwise agreed with SNC FRANMIC.

Clients will not cancel or amend a booking from the receipt of the deposit.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Legal notices

Adresse   :   Place du Chaudron PLAGNE CENTRE

Code Postale   :   73210

Ville   :   Macot La Plagne

Pays   :   France


Statut   :   S.N.C.

Nom   :   Franmic

Gérant   :   Françoise Schaeffer

Capital   :   7622.45 €

SIRET   :   328 686 225 00017

APE   :   4764Z

Téléphone   :   06 14 03 22 49

Email   :   alexis.schaeffer@wanadoo.fr

Site Web   :   http://www.motoneige-laplagne.com

Hébergeur   :   Online